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You can choose to rent either a Sea Kayak K1 PE, Sea Kayak K1 Fiberglass, or a Sea Kayak K2. The Sea Kayak K1 PE is better suited for beginners, while the Sea Kayak K1 Fiberglass is more suitable for the experienced paddler. Kayaks labeled “K1” have one cockpit, and kayaks labeled “K2” have two cockpits.

A Sea Kayak PE is a bit more stable and shorter kayak that can be easily maneuvered without a rudder. Almost all of our sea kayaks have rudders, and some are also equipped with “skedda”. Most K2 kayaks have a large storage compartment in the middle where you can fit two small children, a large dog, a tent, or other items you wish to bring on your paddling trip. You can rent our kayaks for a full day, evening, or overnight.

Equipment included: Paddle, life jacket, “kapell”, spade, sponge, and map.

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Price list - Kayaks

Our kayaks can be booked for a full day or overnight at the following prices:

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